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About Seize the Night Records

A Story Built From Tragedy

Seize the Night Records was conceived late one sleepless night in 2018, 8 months after a long-time dear friend of mine, Kate Stratford, took her own life. This event broke me mentally and emotionally in ways I would never be able to describe in text. I was a professional DJ for 8 years prior, but I myself began to develop suicidal ideation that was only getting worse, especially when the sun went down. When the world was asleep, I wasn't. I would find myself, in a constant battle with my own thoughts. I hit a point where my life seemed hopeless and I had finally given up on myself. I felt like I had failed myself and my family.

That was until I stumbled across the term Carpè Noctem, which means "Seize The Night". Its only a few words, but something about this Latin phrase sparked something deep inside of me. Something that I believe is the reason I'm still here today. Every night, when the darkness of the night and my mind would start to overtake me, this phrase would pop into my head. Somehow it gave me a small amount of hope and strength whenever it appeared in my mind. When the night came, the thought "Carpè Noctem" pushed me to take action. No matter how late in the night, I forced myself to do something creative such as making music. I pushed myself to action no matter how terrible I felt. I pushed to take back the night from the depressive darkness that had consumed me.

I began to Seize The Night.

The pain I felt after losing my friend, had forever changed and pushed me into path where I knew I needed to create something bigger than myself. So began the process of slowly building a record label whose main purpose is to bring positivity to the world through art and music, while also raising funds, awareness, and support for suicide prevention programs all over the world. We donate 15% of all profits to suicide prevention programs.

We have overcome so many obstacles to make this dream come alive. My entire life is dedicated to building Seize the Night Records and spreading awareness about mental health.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We are so grateful for everyone who has been willing to support our cause and what we aim to achieve.

Together we can Seize The Night!

-Steve Tracy

Suicide Prevention Month Fundraiser

100% of profits from the "Bright Tomorrows" line will be donated to suicide awareness and support groups in the state the items were purchased from.

Seize the Night Records is a benefit company aiming to promote mental health awareness and suicide prevention through art and music. This design was specifically made to promote texting or calling the new mental health hotline 988.

If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, please reach out and contact 988.

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