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musical instruments floating through the stars.jpg

Our Services

  • Professional recording and production of a cover or original song

    6 hr

    499 US dollars
  • Pay an hourly rate to have full access to the recording studio.

    1 hr

    75 US dollars
  • We bring the recording experience to you and the comfort of your home

    1 hr

  • Learn to record and engineer your own music

    1 hr

    75 US dollars
  • Learn to play and record an instrument

    1 hr

    75 US dollars
  • Recording and Production of a cover or original song with merchandise

    10 hr

    899 US dollars
  • We provide a fun and entertaining experience for a variety of events

    4 hr

    600 US dollars
  • Lets Seize the Night!

    8 hr

    1,500 US dollars

Private Lessons

•Songwriting, Recording and Music Production

•Building a Business, Brand Design, and Marketing. 

•FOH Live Sound Engineering, and Concert/Event Development.

Path 1: Songwriting, Recording and Music Production

•Songwriting | Music theory, song structure, and emotional direction/expression.

•Recording and Music Technology | DAW Workflow, Plug-In/VST Software, microphone technique, and signal flow.

•Lyricism | Lyrical analysis, syllable depth, rhythm, and rhyme theory, and vividness of language.

•Branding | POD, Distribution, marketing, and streaming.

•Collaboration | Working with others to create a full-level production piece, analyzing self skills, learning to thrive in a team-based environment.

Path 2: Building a Business, Brand Design, and Marketing 

•Business Foundations | Writing a business plan, outline/roadmap goals, overhead costs, and sweat equity.

•Brand Design | Originality, art and logo theory, color theory, merchandise options, quality of merchandise, and styles.

•Website Building | Running an E-Shop, page design, aesthetic, weekly content, and social media connections.

•Production & Distribution | Dropshipping, manufacturing plants, shipping costs, and regional laws, demographics, 

Path 3: Front Of House Live Sound Engineering, and Event Development.

•Critical\Active Listening | Frequency Response, Basic Acoustics, Room/Venue Acoustics. 

•Live Sound Reinforcement and PA | Speaker types, Electrical Voltage, Power Amplifiers, and Signal Flow.

•LED/DMX Light Programming | Live Performance, Light Synchronizing/Programming, Uplighting, Wattage, and Power Conditioning.  

•Band/Performer Set-Up/Playback | Mix Volume, Balance, and EQ using a Mixing Console, Cable Snakes, Group Performance Sets.

•Venues | Legalities, Contracts, Event Insurance, Marketing, and Budgeting.

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